Weld neck flanges in steel grade 1.4401/316/1.4404/316L

Neck flanges are used by installers in projects where trouble-free connection is crucial. Thanks to the neck occurring at the place where the flange is connected to the tube, ideally suited to the size of the tube, they ensure the best possible connection of the installation elements.
Necked flanges come in many different varieties, the most popular of which are stainless, made according to ANSI, EN and DIN standards. Neck flanges are made of many types of steel, such as: carbon, alloy, boiler, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex steel. There are also flanges with non-standard necks, e.g. reducers, where the neck size is smaller than the flange size or long welding neck flanges with long hollow bars instead of standard necks.
When ordering weld neck flanges in our store, please pay special attention to the exact size and thickness of the neck, in order to make sure it fits the tube size. If in doubt when choosing weld neck flanges best suited to your requirements, please contact us.

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